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1. The Vice Presidents (Godfathers of the club)

They also serve…

What do you do when it’s all over? For more years than you care to remember Saturdays were a regular routine of boots, linament and that feeling of brotherhood that only rugby can offer, but now only a void awaits…

Well fear not because another brotherhood awaits (sisters are welcome too). Vice President Membership fills that gap by ensuring you keep your links with the Club through regular social gatherings where you can get together with old friends and team-mates. We hold informal lunches throughout the season which are advertised on this website as well as through regular emails. These are open to both Vice Presidents and anyone that retains contact with the Club following their playing days, why not join us?

Vice President Membership is available to anyone interesting in enjoying the social element of our Club. Fees are fixed at £20 per year and we ask you to top this up by a donation or gift. It will be in respect of this donation that we will be able to claim Gift Aid. As a guide we hope that combined subscription and donations will be:

£60 Vice President
£70 Vice President and complimentary 100 Club membership
£80 Family Membership including two 100 Club memberships

Although you are free to make any donation that you see fit.

Vice Presidents are considered full members of the Club and are entitled to vote at our AGM and also have access to the Clubs international and other ticket allocations. Unfortunately they are not covered by the Club’s playing insurance and so are not eligible to play.

Crucially Vice Presidents also provide a valuable income stream for the Club and as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) donations made to the Club qualify for Gift Aid enableing the tax paid on any donation to be repayed, making donations tax free.

A Vice President Membership form is attached to this page for you to download, is available in the Clubhouse, by post or from David Parker via email at, most of our communications is done by email so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

David Parker