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1. Bletchley Rugby Club Photographic Policy


This statement covers the use of all photographic and video equipment
Bletchley Rugby Club (BRC) and the RFU positively encourage parents and supporters to take photographs and videos of those involved in playing rugby to help celebrate the ethos and spirit of the game.
Whilst we do encourage photography there are certain circumstances which may not be acceptable, and to that end BRC will take certain steps to ensure the safeguarding of our young players and to prevent the misuse of photographic images.
It is understood that all images are for personal “family” use and will only be posted on personal social media accounts.
Certain images will be used by BRC for its website, social media and BRC advertising material, however all possible steps will be made to ensure these accounts are closed groups and parental permission is sought.
No child’s details are to accompany any image posted on social media.
Should a parent wish their child to remain anonymous that child will be identified by the club and wherever possible will not appear in any images posted on either the website or club social media.
Where possible shots should be taken of group action and not a single player to avoid misinterpretation.
Parents and supporters may be challenged by BRC to prove their legitimacy to take photographs and may be asked to cease if it is deemed that the privacy of any particular child is being breached.
BRC operate a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with regard to photography in or around the changing areas/rooms. This policy will be strenuously enforced by all club coaches and officers.
If any parent sees or suspects a “stranger” is taking images please report to a club coach/official.
All parents are asked to sign that they have read and understood the BRC photographic policy when they enrol their child into the BRC junior section.

10. Bletchley RFC manages the changing facilities and arranges for them to be supervised by two DBS checked
adults of the appropriate gender for the players using the facilities. Bletchley RFC ensures that all its coaches,
parents, officials and spectators are aware that adults must not change at the same time, using the same
facilities as children.

Ian Nobes 07534955242
Safeguarding Officer
Bletchley Rugby Club