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Ladies XV - Match centre

Birmingham Moseley
Bletchley Rugby Club
Sun 10 Mar 15:00 - League Full time

Birmingham Moseley Ladies 5- Bletchley Ladies 124


Bonus point win and record score place Bletchley at top of league

After losing up at West Bridgford last week, Bletchley Ladies travelled up to Birmingham knowing they needed a bonus point win with as big a margin as they could get to stand any chance of taking the league this year. When they hosted Moseley in the autumn it was a close match and they just squeaked a win, so this was a tall order, especially with the high winds on Sunday.
Bletchley opened the match and took advantage of a knock on from Moseley in Bletchley’s 22, secured the ball and passed along the line. A knock on of their own gave possession back to their hosts who secured things, drove forward, then tapped the ball over the top. Nicky Gross took the catch and set up a ruck. Bletchley worked through the phases, moving play up the pitch, reaching Moseley’s 22 before being tackled out to give Moseley a line out. They secured the ball and moved the ball out along the line. Bletchley fought back and held them in their 22. After a lot of effort, Moseley drove play out of their 22 and into the middle of their territory. Bletchley finally managed to tackle a player out, giving a line out. Moseley turned this over, passed back and forth, but could make no ground. Eventually they pushed play over into Bletchley’s half with a maul, but this stalled, giving possession back to Bletchley. Bletchley had a scrum on the halfway line which they secured, then passed the ball out to Caroline Collie, who ran it up the pitch before passing it out along the line. A knock on, followed by a Bletchley penalty gave possession back to Moseley, who took a quick tap. Bletchley weren’t 10, so Moseley got another chance to further encroach on Bletchley’s territory with a deep kick. Jodie Dimmock took the ball cleanly and ran straight back at them, before setting up a ruck. A penalty from Bletchley gave their hosts another kick, which made touch just outside Bletchley’s 22. Bletchley stole the line out, passed along the line and drove forward. A pass out to Collie set up another run, with Clare Stacey on her shoulder. She popped the ball out to Stacey on the halfway line; Stacey put her foot on the gas and ran in Bletchley’s first try, 13 minutes into the game. Collie’s boot added the extras; 0 – 7.
Moseley’s restart kick was just 10m; Bletchley took the catch and passed along the line to Collie. This time she took the run on herself and took the next points, just two minutes on, adding the extras to move Bletchley to 0 – 14.
Bletchley secured the restart in a similar fashion, moving the ball out. Moseley ripped the ball from a ruck and worked hard to gain territory, but an interception by Collie stalled progress. She set up a ruck; the ball passed out along the line to Dimmock who ran it in from the halfway line for the next points on the board. Another clean kick opened the gap to 0 – 21.
Another shallow kick to restart was taken and driven forward. The ball found Amie Daniel, who drove it forward into the middle of Moseley’s territory; the ball passed out from her ruck and found Dimmock who made further ground, moving into Moseley’s 22 before passing it on. A knock on gave Moseley a scrum in the middle of their 22. They passed the ball back and kicked to touch, giving Bletchley a line out, still just in the 22. They secured this, worked the ball back and forth along the line till Collie found a gap and put it down, taking the double honours; 0 – 28.
Bletchley took possession again at the restart, moved through the phases, then took a quick tap after a penalty from their opposition. The moved up into Moseley’s territory with a strong drive from Rachael Appleby, before a knock on in a tackle gave Moseley the scrum. They secured this and worked to regain ground. Another knock on from their visitors helped, giving them a scrum just short of Bletchley’s half. Bletchley kept them out and finally forced a penalty which they kicked to touch. Bletchley had a line out just short of Moseley’s 22; they secured this, then a missed pas left the ball loose. Moseley gathered it up and kicked it over the top. Unfortunately for them, Dimmock’s reliable hands were there to gather it up. She ran it back, then Bletchley worked play back into Moseley’s 22. Further pressure finally got the ball to Collie, who took another double; 0 – 35, and only half the first half played.
Moseley managed to secure the ball from their restart kick and drove play well into Bletchley’s half. Finally, a knock on gave Bletchley respite in the middle of their half. They secured the scrum and passed out to Collie. She pushed up the pitch; a knock on in the pass gave Moseley a scrum just in Bletchley’s territory. Bletchley drove them off the ball and took the scrum, passed out along the line to Alex Sutton who ran it up to Moseley’s 22 before knocking on in the tackle. Moseley held the scrum this time and pushed back, before giving a penalty. Bletchley took a quick tap and Emma Taylor ran it forward before being tackled out just before she put it down in the corner. Moseley knocked on in the line out, but Bletchley took possession so the referee played advantage. Bletchley drove play up to the line, passed along the line from the ruck to Beth Metcalf who took the points. Collie added her bit, taking the score to 0 – 42 with just a couple of minutes left in the half. Bletchley took the catch from the restart and moved up into Moseley’s half before a knock on gave Moseley a scrum. They secured this and passed the ball out along the line. They worked through their phases and drove play into the middle of Bletchley’s half. A couple more phases, then a run gave them their first points in the last play of the half; 5 – 42.
Moseley opened the second half, and it was more of the same. Within five minutes Bletchley had opened the gap to 5 – 54, courtesy of tries from Stacey and Metcalf and a conversion from Collie.
Moseley dug in and it was ten minutes before there were any more points on the board. Dimmock got play up to the halfway line after the restart, then passed out along the line. Moseley pushed play back, then Bletchley knocked on in the ruck, giving Moseley a scrum just outside Bletchley’s 22. They picked the ball from the back and set up a maul, but Bletchley stole the ball and worked to regain lost ground. The ball passed out to Gross, who took play into Moseley’s half. Bletchley continued to drive play forward, before giving another scrum to their hosts. Moseley secured this, and then a forward pass gave Bletchley another chance. They secured their scrum and ran the ball up before knocking on. The ball was loose and gathered up by Moseley. A brief stop to check an injury, then Moseley had a scrum to restart. They passed out from the back and knocked on, then gave a penalty for offside. Bletchley took a tap and drove forward. A knock on from Moseley as paly went down for a ruck, giving Bletchley a scrum at 5m. They passed out along the line, found Collie, who put it down for the next double; 5 – 61.
The remainder of the half saw Bletchley tries ran in every two to five minutes; Gross, Metcalf, Stacey, Collie, another two from Stacey, Hannah Prescott, Alex Sutton (her first try for Bletchley) and Dimmock all added to the score, with Collie taking care of the extras; 5 – 124.
With just 50 seconds to play, Moseley kicked the ball for Bletchley to take. A knock on from the pass left the ball loose, and Moseley gathered it up. They drove forward, then a penalty from Bletchley in the 22 was taken as a quick tap. Moseley drove forward again, then Bletchley ripped the ball at a ruck. They passed out to Collie who kicked to touch for the final whistle and a resounding win for Bletchley. Hats off to Moseley though, as they fought hard through the entirety of the match and didn’t make the game as easy as the score line suggests. This will take Bletchley ladies back to the top of their league, with one match to play. Things are still close, with points difference the only thing separating Bletchley and Buckingham at the top.
Next week, the ladies return to home turf to host Lichfield II ladies for the final match of the league. This is a must win match, and they ladies will be training hard for it on Wednesday. Bletchley Ladies are a friendly, welcoming squad who train at Manor Fields on a Wednesday night, 7.00 – 8.30pm. They play hard, both on and off the pitch! We are always open to new recruits, whatever level you play at. If you think you’d like to be involved with this successful squad, come along and give us a try. For further information, contact Sally Peters,, or just turn up on Wednesday, with your boots, and see what we’re about.

1. Rachael Appleby
2. Laura Hussey
3. Lucy Draper
4. Jodie Denton
5. Toni Ranger
6. Isla Peters
7. Beth Metcalf
8. Olivia Pulfer
9. Emma Lucey
10. Hannah Prescott
11. Alex Sutton
12. Caroline Collie
13. Clare Stacey
14. Nicky Gross
15. Jodie Dimmock
16. Cazz Kay
17. Kass Carry
18. Amie-Louise Daniel
19. Verity Robinson
20. Sarah Cartlidge
21. Nicola Coaker
22. Alexia Dany

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